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At Trudell Outdoor Adventures and Taxidermy Studios we feel we have the very best taxidermy there is! We consider ourselves a full service taxidermy shop meaning we’ll do just about everything including head and shoulder mounts, antler mounts, life size, African, exotics, fish and birds. Please take a look at our work below, be sure to visit often as we’ll ad to this page on a regular basis! Thanks!

  • Taken By: Cheri & Jay Trudell
    Spices: Pronghorn Antelope
    Mount: These are our own Pronghorns. Cheri's is on top and is a semi upright pedestal mount. Jay's is the bottom mount and is a semi sneak pedestal pose. The base is oak stained black and a simple rock was used for the habitat. Sometimes simple is very nice and very easy to keep clean!

  • Taken By: Kayla Kuenzi
    Spices: Yellow Perch
    Mount: Here's a pair of awesome fat perch on a piece of driftwood.

  • Taken By: Spencer Shanklin
    Spices: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: This is a full wall pedestal. Note: You need a lot of cape for this mount!

  • Taken By: Jay Trudell
    Spices: Wisconsin Black Bear
    Mount: This half life size black bear is mounted with an aggressive pose. We added habitat to give it a natural finished look.

  • Taken By: Dan Infault
    Spices: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: The whitetail deer is our specialty. This is our new favorite wall pedestal. This mount looks good from every direction!

  • Robin Kendler
    Spices: Cougar
    Mount: This life size cougar was contracted for us to mount, meaning the client wanted a cougar but didn't have one. We got him the animal and mounted it custom per his specifications. The client made his own wood base, we did the rest! You won't find a better lion mount!

  • Taken By: Jay Trudell
    Spices: American Alligator
    Mount: We won Best in Show Retile and Best in Show mixed Artist at the Wisconsin Taxidermy Association Show with this life size Alligator mount!

  • Taken By: Jay Trudell
    Spices: Eastern Turkey
    Mount: We mount a lot of turkeys! Our quality is unsurpassed in SE Wisconsin and our prices are very competitive on life size birds!

  • Taken By: Tyler Whitt
    Spices: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: We won 3rd place and the Open Division Choice Award for this whitetail mount. This piece was proof that all of our whitetail mounts are truly show quality. This is a customer mount we decided to take to the competition just to see how it would rank. It did very extremely well!

  • Taken By: Tyler Kirkvold
    Spices: Blue Wing Teal
    Mount: Pair of Blue Wings looking for a landing.

  • Taken By: Diana Coniglizro's Son's
    Spices: Crappies
    Mount: This pair of 15 and 16" crappies were caught by Beaver Dam.

  • Taken By: Carol Infalt
    Spices: Raccoon
    Mount: This coon was Carol's pet JoDonn. The habitat has her favorite flowers and toys.

  • Taken By: Spencer Shanklin
    Spices: Whitetail
    Mount: Wall Mount with Pine Tree Habitat

  • Taken By: Chad Lid win
    Spices: Widgeon
    Mount: Table Top Habitat

  • Taken By: Errol Schluter
    Spices: Ringneck Pheasant
    Mount: Hanging Dead

  • Taken By: Todd Schultz
    Spices: Black Phase Squirrel
    Mount: Wall hung life-size on habitat bark.

  • Taken By: Jeff Fuller
    Spices: Red Head
    Mount: Flying on Driftwood.

  • Taken By: Rich Burich
    Spices: Pheasants
    Mount: We incorporated an old mount, the rooster with the new hen and formed a habitat for both.

  • Taken By: Matt Lindstedt
    Spices: Whitetail
    Mount: Floor Pedistal

  • Taken By: Carol Infalt
    Spices: Blond Phase Raccoon
    Mount: Wall hung life-size on habitat limb.

  • Taken By: Spencer Shanklin
    Spices: Whitetail
    Mount: Wall mount with Snow Habitat.

  • Taken By: Greg Steffen
    Spices: Rio Grande Turkey Taxidermy
    Mount: Full strut, double beard, beautiful Bird!

  • Taken By: Dennis Tetzlaff
    Spices: Green Wing Teal Taxidermy
    Mount: Habitat is on a piece of driftwood, surrounded by water.

  • Taken By: Clayton Kruse
    Spices: Timber Wolf
    Mount: Wall hung life-size on habitat rocks.

  • Coyote Skin Taxidermy
    Taken By: Randy Johnson
    Mount: Skinned and tanned coyote pelts

  • Black Bear Taxidermy
    Taken By: Shorty's Shooting Sports
    Mount: Life size Black Bear checking out a bee hive. Mount on display in Shorty's shop at 2192 S 60th in West Allis.

  • Black Bear Taxidermy
    Taken By: Shorty's Shooting Sports
    Mount: Close up of life size Black Bear

  • Giraffe Taxidermy
    Taken By: Erik Mullet
    Mount: This is a floor mount pedestal of a giraffe, stands 9' tall!

  • Dall Sheep Taxidermy
    Taken By: Chris Caliendo
    Mount: Wall pedestal with competition head

  • Wild Boar Taxidermy
    Taken By: Tim Gorecki
    Mount: Wild Boar with open mouth

  • Walleye Replica
    Spices: Steve Burbick
    Mount: 31" walleye replica on driftwood

  • Black Bear Taxidermy
    Spices: Marv Blazewitz
    Mount: Life size Chocolate phase Black Bear with barn board base and habitat.

  • European Whitetail Taxidermy
    Spices: Jay Trudell
    Mount: Whitetail skull on plaque with broadhead

  • Buffalo Taxidermy
    Spices: Jay Trudell
    Mount: Open mouth 4' tall x 4' out from the wall. Had to add to the biggest form available!

  • Red Fox Taxidermy
    Spices: Jeff Bertelson
    Mount: Life size Red Fox flushing Bobwhites

  • Red Fox Taxidermy
    Founded By: Jeff Bertelson
    Mount: Close up detail of Fox

  • Drake Mallard Taxidermy
    Taken By: Jon Giese
    Mount: Duck coming in for a landing on driftwood

  • Black Bear Taxidermy
    Taken By: Dale Buright
    Mount: 3/4 life-size mounted in a corner

  • Badger Taxidermy
    Taken By: Dennis Tetzlaff
    Mount: Life size Badger on field complete with Ron Dayne autographed helmet

  • Taken By: Kent "Bigshot" Albrecht of My Hunting
    Spices: Eastern Turkey
    Mount: Full strut, as good as you'll find, beautiful mount!

  • Taken By: Randy Johnson
    Spices: Moose
    Mount: Rack on a plaque with medium leather

  • Tom Fendrk's Girlfriend
    Taken By: Whitetail
    Mount: Rack on a plaque with light leather, rope and name plate

  • Taken By: Todd Schultz
    Spices: Elk
    Mount: Rack on a plaque with dark leather

  • Taken By: Tom Turks
    Spices: Whitetail
    Mount: Early season short hair, awesome details!

  • Shed Antler Repair
    Founded By: Mark
    Mount: Repaired heavy chewing on this shed and restored it to original form.

  • Taken By: Peter Trudell
    Spices: Mink
    Mount: Life-size with habitat

  • Taken By: Jay Trudell
    Spices: Black Hawaiian Ram
    Mount: Wall pedistal open mouth with real teeth, very sharp!

  • Taken By: Mike Meyer
    Spices: Black Bear
    Mount: Life-size with habitat

  • Taken By: Daniel Rich
    Spices: Zebra
    Mount: Head and Shoulder, absolutely gorgeous!

  • Taken By: Robert Zignego
    Spices: Whitetail
    Mount: Pair of sheds, brought back to life with a cape and a full head and shoulder mount. The best way to display your sheds!

  • Taken By: John Lindstedt Species: Bison
    Spices: Bison
    Mount: This is a custom bison mount, it's open mouth gives it a bellowing appearance. Really cool!

  • Taken By: John Lindstedt
    Spices: Eastern Turkey
    Mount: Tail and Beard mount on engraved walnut plaque

  • Taken By: Calvin Cicona
    Spices: Corsican Ram
    Mount: Wall Pedestal

  • Taken By: John Mattson
    Spices: Black Bear
    Mount: Bear rug with open mouth. You simply won't find a better quality rug from the head to the sewing, we're the best at bears!

  • Taken By: Tony Berndt
    Spices: Russian Brown Bear
    Mount: Lifesize, open mouth with habitat.

  • Taken By: Don Rindahl
    Spices: Species: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: We refurbished this old rack that was found in a rummage sale into a classic upright head and shoulder mount!!

  • Taken By: Buck
    Spices: Eastern Turkey
    Mount: Tail mount on engraved walnut plaque

  • Taken By: Jay Trudell
    Spices: Bison
    Mount: Skull with replica of original horns.

  • Taken By: Jeff Burns
    Spices: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: We provided a new cape to bring an old mount back to life!

  • Taken By: Marvin Blazewicz
    Spices: Elk
    Mount: Open mouth, bugling with detachable antler.

  • Taken By: Jay Trudell
    Spices: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: Wall pedistal

  • Taken By: Larry Britton
    Spices: Whitetail Deer
    Mount: Double pedistal with habitat

  • Taken By: Jim Kass
    Spices: Yukon Moose
    Mount: Pedistal

  • Taken By: Jim Kass
    Spices: Caribou
    Mount: Pedestal

  • Taken By: Gary Hetzer
    Spices: Brown Bear
    Mount: Life-size fighting with a wolverine over a rib cage.

  • Taken By: Jim Hishma
    Spices: Grey Fox
    Mount: Life-size on habitat

  • Taken By: Scott Swan
    Spices: Badger
    Mount: Cased on football field. We have badgers in stock and can re-produce this mount, call for a price!

  • Taken By: John Lindstedt
    Spices: Cougar
    Mount: Life-size on wall mounted habitat

  • Taken By: Don Mullet
    Spices: Hyena
    Mount: Life-size on habitat